New Products Febraury 2020

Bucket Labels


A detail operation is not complete without a set of bucket wash, wheels and rinse labels paired with bucket dolly. The separation of wash buckets is key to maintain a quality wash operation. Designated buckets allow detail shops to operate efficiently without the risk of cross-contamination. 

SONAX Ultimate Cut

Sonax Profiline Ultimate Cut is a fast cutting compound for polishing sanded or severely weathered painted, gel coat, and fiberglass surfaces. Odorless water-based formulation with low dusting and no silicone. Quickly removes P1000 or finer sanding marks from paint or gel coat.

Wowo's Automotive Detailing

Wowo’s was born in Scotland in 2013 and their mission was simple, create a line of unique high-quality car care products delivering professional level results anyone could achieve at home. After years of servicing the UK, Denmark, and other European nations, Wowo’s paired up with the Rag Company in 2019. This pairing brought Wowo’s to the US market and only enhanced the detailing knowledge and product offering to various customers across the world. Wowo’s is committed to continuously working on providing high-end detailing products at a great value that help you fall back in love with taking care of your car.

Inspiration Fabric Coating

Inspiration Fabric Coating Protectant is a solvent based VOC compliant acrylic fluoropolymer protectant. Inspiration FCP provides superior protection against water based and oil based stains.  Obviously water protection provides the show but where this product really shines is the ability to resist oil stains. 
Once interiors are clean and dry Inspiration FCP can be applied in a uniform spray pattern to cloth and carpet.  A light misting is the preferred amount.  Product will dry to touch in hours depending upon ambient air temperature.  Product reaches complete cure at roughly 24 hours.

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