Dual Bucket Dolly Connetor

Grit-Guard Dual Bucket Plate Dolly Connector

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Combine your two bucket dollies into one convenient wash system.

The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector connects your two bucket dollies to make detailing more convenient. Now you can roll two buckets with you around the vehicle as you work, saving you time and effort. The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector is perfect for detailers, painters, and construction workers. The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector is perfect for detailers who use the two-bucket wash method. One bucket holds the soapy water. The second bucket holds clean water. Each time you need to reload the wash mitt with soap, first dunk it in the bucket of plain water to remove any dirt you’ve removed from the vehicle. Then reload the mitt with soapy water. Continue in this manner until you’ve washed the entire vehicle. You’ll be surprised at how much dirt you’ve kept off the vehicle!








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  • Grit Guard Dual Bucket Connector Plate has a rugged and durable design.