IK Foam Pro 12 Sprayer

iK Pro Foam 12 Pump Sprayer

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The IK FOAM Pro 12 professional sprayer has been manufactured for the generation of dry and durable foam. Designed to be used with chemical agents with surfactant properties.

IK Foam Pro 12 provides the user with a dense, permanent foam that is ideal for professional cleaning, sanitation and disinfection work, HVAC system cleaning, vehicle washing and detailing, as well as for the disinfection of food processing areas and industrial kitchens








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The iK Foam Pro 12  Pump Sprayer has set a new standard for the detailing community. This foaming accessory can manage over 2 gallons of full-strength chemical, or can be diluted to suit your detailing needs. The re-design of this detailing essential features a self-contained wand holder that keeps the pressurized hose tidy and out of the way for storage. At the base of the unit, you’ll find a wider, more stable base complete with a socket for the foaming wand that features a drain to avoid grime build up.

  • 6L Max capacity
  • 3 Feed lines with tips for Wet, Medium, or Dry Foam
  • Polycarbonate Structure and Internals
  • Integrated Schrader Air input valve
  • Designed with a larger base and wide mouth fill for easy use with gallons
  • 58 PSI Max
  • 5.66lbs