MALCO Fast Shot Non- Acid Wheel Cleaner Gallon

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Fast Shot is an extremely powerful, non-acid wheel cleaner designed to remove dirt and baked on brake dust from coated aluminum and alloy wheels. This clinging formula works quickly and makes wheels look bright again.








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Spray product directly onto wheels and tires. DO NOT USE ON HOT WHEELS. Test one wheel prior to application to see if spotting or streaking occurs. Do not use product if spotting or staining occurs. Let solution work for up to two minutes and rinse away brake dust and dirt. DO NOT LET PRODUCT DRY. For heavy soils, agitation with a wheel or tire brush may be necessary to loosen soils. Treat one wheel at a time. Malco will not accept responsibility for damaged wheels and tires resulting from either intentional or accidental misuse of this product.


  • Will not clump when frozen
  • Safe for use on virtually all types of wheels
  • Acid-free formula has a better safety profile compared to HF wheel cleaners
  • Cleans tires at the same time Dissolves and loosens baked-on brake dust, grease, oil and dirt
  • Restores the clean look of tires and leaves wheels bright and shiny

Due to FAA regulations, this product may not be shipped by air and is restricted to UPS Ground within the 48 contiguous United States.