P&S Clarity Creme D250P

P&S Clarity Creme 16oz | Glass Polish 16 oz

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The P&S Clarity Creme allows you to remove imperfections from glass surfaces with ease! Detailers do not only polish the paint, many times your glass surfaces need some love too. However, with glass, actually removing the imperfections can take much more time and effort. Clarity Creme may be used by hand or machine and it quickly and effectively removes particulate to create a smooth OEM glass finish. Polish using overlapping pattern either by hand or machine and once complete allow it dry to a haze and wipe away any remaining residue with a clean microfiber towel. Water spots, mineral deposits, calcium build-up, wiper blade residue, etc. are no match for the cleaning power of this polish, and once finished, your glass will be ready for a layer of protection  P&S Inspiration VUE Glass Coating. Finish off your detail by restoring your glass surfaces with the P&S Clarity Creme!








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