Rupes Microfiber Coarse Cutting Pads

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Microfiber cutting pads are ideal for correcting damaged paintwork quickly and efficiently. These pads have been constructed using a RUPES designed and patented manufacturing process. A polyurethane resin is injected between the velcro interface and microfibre material to provide a superior bond, moulding the two sections together for unbeatable durability. The bevelled edge protects from accidental contact between the backing plate and the paintwork and allows the user to machine polish into tight corners.








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The Rupes Bigfoot thick microfiber cutting pad is designed to eliminate swirl marks, rust, scratches, water spots and sanding marks from all paint systems. The Rupes thick microfiber cutting pad features a short and dense microfiber pile that is perfect for heavy use. Large Rupes cake polishing compound, such as DA Coarse. The special microfiber material allows correct correction of the product used. The 7-inch pad is perfect for use with the Orbital Random LHR21.