Scholl Concepts ECOFIX E All In One Cut & Shine

Scholl - Ecofix E-All In One Cut & Shine 1ltr

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Scholl Concepts ECOFIX E All In One Cut & Shine has been specifically designed for the professional, quick and easy preparation of used paintwork. When time is short and the paintwork needs lifting, this is the ideal product to revive and protect.

  • Outstanding levels of cut for an all-in-one polish
  • One step product
  • Perfect, mirror-like high gloss finish
  • Saves time
  • Very clean to work with
  • Synthetic and natural wax components
  • For more cut and heavier applications we would recommend the E1500 Heavy Cut Compound

Scholl Concepts Ecofix E ALL in ONE Cut & Shine has aluminium oxide based abrasive powder to remove scratches and treat badly weathered surfaces in seconds. Synthetic and natural wax components will protect the polished surfaces leaving a brilliant and natural shine for months, in one single step.

Suitable for use with rotary polishing machines between 1500-2000 rpm and with orbital polishing machines between 2000-10000 rpm.

Cut: Heavy (4/6)  Gloss: Brilliant (5/6) Protection: High (4/6)

Size: 1L








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