Mille Coarse Compound 250 ml


Mille Coarse Compound is specifically formulated for the movement of the LK900E Mille gear-driven polisher and other forced-action orbital tools.  The micro-abrasive technology can easily remove P1500 grit sanding marks and deep surface imperfections in a single pass, often leaving the finish wax read in just one step.
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The unique fourteen-orbit-per-rotation and high-speed movement of the LK900E Mille polisher can easily push a compound past its breaking point, resulting in rough movement, prematurely dried compounds, and unpredictable finish results. The high stresses created by the Mille required the development of an all-new compound formula, one that could provide sustained pad lubrication during the buffing cycle and abrasives that could tolerate the rapid changes in direction and still deliver a high-quality finish. The result is RUPES Mille Coarse Compound; a formula specifically developed to work in harmony with gear-driven movements.

This high-performance compound is the most aggressive in the Mille range and can be paired with the Coarse Blue Foam Gear-Driven pads or Coarse Blue Wool Pads to remove up to P1500 sanding marks and deeper defects and leave a wax-ready finish in just one step. Ideal for production detailing environments and fast cutting applications and compatible with most paint systems.


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