Speed Master Bucket Buddy

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The organizational tool you didn’t realize you needed!

When you wash your car, you need a lot of different products and tools to ensure you give your car a thoroughly clean wash. With as many products and tools as you may use, it gets annoying to have to take multiple trips from your storage cabinets to the car. This is where the Speed Master Bucket Buddy, will literally become your best buddy. This Speed Master Bucket Buddy is an organizational pouch that has many pockets for storage and conveniently wraps around a gallon wash bucket.

Lugging products, towels and different types of brushes around isn’t any fun for someone who is preparing to spend a good deal of time washing a vehicle. Not everyone has the space to store a cart, but everyone has the space to store the Speed Master Bucket Buddy, it’s like a version of a cart for your bucket.








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