Wowo's Clean Wheels

Wowo's Clean Wheels 500ml

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Wowo’s CLEAN WHEELS is the Next Generation in quality wheel cleaning products. The Highly Concentrated Non-Acid formula easily cuts through brake dust and grime, leaving your wheels CLEAN and FRESH! Wowo’s CLEAN WHEELS also contains RUST INHIBITORS to help protect your wheels in the future and is safe on rubber tires getting them back to looking new. Highly Dilutable! We recommend 10:1 for Coated Wheels, 5:1 for General Monthly Cleaning and 3:1 for Heavily Soiled Wheels. Wowo’s CLEAN WHEELS is a professional-grade product that’s a great value producing.

How To Use:

      1. Check for compatibility on chrome or unlacquered aluminum
      2. Spray liberally all over your wheels and allow the cleaner to do its work
      3. Don’t allow Clean Wheels to dry on the surface
      4. Agitate the wheel with a wheel cleaning brush and/or a mitt dedicated to washing wheels
      5. hose off and remove all dirt and grime
      6. stand back and smile at your handiwork








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