Wowo's Show Stopper 500ml

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Wowo’s SHOW STOPPER is quite literally a bottle of Pure Gloss for your vehicle’s paintwork. SHOW STOPPER is the ideal product for Car Shows or Meets where the gloss of your paint needs to POP.

  • GLOSS AND LOTS OF IT: Wowo’s SHOW STOPPER Is a Pure Gloss Enhancer For Your Vehicle’s Paint
  • PERFECT FOR CAR SHOWS: SHOW STOPPER Is The Perfect Finishing Touch For Car Shows To Get The Very Most Pop Out Of The Paint
  • ONE TRICK PONY: Pure Gloss Enhancer Formula With No Negative Effects On Coatings Or Hydrophobic Finishes
  • SAFE ON ALL FINISHES: Works On All Exterior Surfaces. Will Not Harm Sensitive Matte Or Satin Finishes








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How To Use:

      1. Make sure the surface you’re working on is clean before applying. We recommend washing with Wowo’s DETAILERS SHAMPOO first or giving the vehicle a good wipe down with Wowo’s WATERLESS WASH.
      2. Give the bottle a good shake and spray directly onto a clean/prepared panel
      3. Take a premium Microfiber towel and buff the panel to a professional glossy finish. We recommend applying to one panel at a time for best results. That’s it, you’re done! Now go stare at your car!