Wowo's Waterless Wash 500ml

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Wowo’s WATERLESS WASH is great for all types of situations whether used in the garage between washes or on a road trip without access to a hose! Made it to the Car Show and the wind kicked up some dust? Reach for some WATERLESS WASH to safely and effectively encapsulate and emulsify that dirt and dust without scratching your finish! Simply Spray On, Wipe Off, and Buff to achieve a great looking shine every time! Superior lubrication for your paint surface and Anti-Static capabilities that will help keep your car looking cleaner, longer. Pick up some Wowo’s WATERLESS WASH today!








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How To Use:

      1. Give the bottle a good shake
      2. Spray liberally onto the affected area, paintwork, wheels, glass etc.
      3. Allow a minute for Waterless Wash to loosen and lift dirt for removal. Don’t let Waterless Wash to dry
      4. Use a high quality Microfiber towel and with light to medium pressure, wipe away dirt and grime
      5. Use a second, clean Microfiber towel, to buff to a high shine