The 22 Puerto Rican Certified Marine with Special Project for RUPES USA in the Detailing Industry


RUPES USA the First Marine Training in Puerto Rico

On May 8 and 9, 2024, Puerto Rico hosted a pioneering event in the field of marine maintenance and care: the first Rupes Marino training on the island. This event marked the certification of the first group of professionals in specialized marine detailing techniques, an essential skill for boat maintenance.

Participants in this program were part of the innovative project to polish the 46-foot boat used by Puerto Rico police in drug seizure operations, an effort led by FURA, the United Rapid Action Force. The vessel, which has been key in numerous operations, received specialized treatment that not only improves its appearance but also protects its long-term integrity.

The training was taught by internationally renowned experts, including Alberto Quiroscabrera, Todd Helme and Jason Brennan from Rupes USA, who shared their knowledge and techniques with the participants of this event. This event not only raised the standard of marine care in Puerto Rico but also provided participants with valuable skills to expand their businesses in the marine sector.

This milestone was possible thanks to the collaboration of UM Distributors Inc. and Rupes USA, demonstrating their commitment to the development of the marine detailing industry in the region. Katherine Mayo for President Caribbean Chapter for IDA is design to all for coordinate special project for this Marine Training in Puerto Rico. With this training, Puerto Rico is positioned at the forefront in the care and maintenance of vessels, ensuring a promising future for this sector on the Island.

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