• RupesRupes (52)
    Rupes has been a leader in the manufacture of innovative power tools since the company began in 1947. Rupes is an Italian company that firmly believes that innovation and quality are, above all; A car polisher manufactured by Rupes undergoes rigorous testing before it is available for purchase. Rupes employs a state-of-the-art research and development center where all the tools are designed by computer and adapted to the demands of each respective market. The Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES Random Orbital "Big Foot" polishers - the first two Rupes products to debut in the United States - are quintessential examples of this bold statement of objectives.
  • SonaxSonax (48)
    SONAX is the market leader in car care products in Germany, and one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. The brand is represented in 100 countries around the globe. For more than 60 years, the company has been developing and manufacturing high performance car care products, to satisfy the highest requirements, in Neuburg an der Donau. Whether it’s in motorsports, in the tuning scene or in the world of classic cars: When it comes to the perfect presentation of automobiles, SONAX will always be on hand, for car fans and experts.
  • SM ArnoldSM Arnold (33)
    Sandy Arnold began the tradition of fine cleaning accessories in 1928 by offering exceptional chamois and high quality sponges through S.M. Arnold, Inc. He was known throughout the industry as “The Little man with The Big Grip” and was a leader in developing cleaning accessories! Sandy Arnold’s legacy has continued into its fifth generation of being family owned and operated. S.M. Arnold, Inc., a manufacturer and importer of quality cleaning maintenance accessories, is dedicated to delivering the best quality chamois, wash mitts, buffing and polishing pads, applicators, sponges, microfibers, brushes, brooms and much more!
  • ScangripScangrip (7)
    For more than 100 years Scangrip has been manufacturing high quality, innovative hand tools for the industrial and automotive sectors. They have achieved tremendous success with their range of durable and functional work lights for various professionals, especially car detailers. The Colourmatch line of lights will help you spot any imperfection in your paint with an unparalleled amount of perfection and ease of use. With the focus on design, functionality, and leading LED technology, Scangrip is cemented as a top company in the automotive/detailing industry.
  • Solution FinishSolution Finish (3)
    Solution Finish is an incredible new product that restores originally black surfaces to a deep, rich, black finish, without the "wet look." Solution Finish dries quickly with no greasy residue. This unique formula combines ancient ingredients with advanced polymer technology to provide a spectacular, long-lasting, black, protective finish. Formulated for professional use only, Solution Finish is a silicone-free solution that uses all natural oils and is VOC compliant.Solution Finish was developed by professionals for professionals – you won't find this product on the wax walls in your local retail outlets. It is formulated using only the finest ingredients that you don't usually find in mass-produced, OTC products. Professional detailers need the very best products that are fast, easy to use, and get outstanding results, and Solution Finish delivers.
  • Speed Master Detailing ToolsSpeed Master Detailing Tools (5)
    Speed Master Detailing Tools are designed for the enthusiast or professional who demands the highest quality of tools available. What started with an innovative wheel brush has evolved into a full lineup of tools.Speed Master expanded its product lineup to incorporate more aspects of your detail. Building upon their state of the art wheel bush, Speed Master started to expand. Adding tire scrub brushes and dressing applicator to provide a complete solution to wheel care. Speed Master even manufacture polisher racks to organize your garage and further streamline the way you detail. Don’t take our word for it, check out what Speed Master Detailing Tools can provide for you!
  • P & S ProductsP & S Products (14)
    The P & S has been a great company in the detail industry for more than 50 years! Throughout the years they have been in the business, they have been constantly inventing and renewing new and better products. P & S has produced a wide variety of products to cover all the needs of the detailed. The company P & S has an exclusive line in which it has the name of Renny Doyle called Double Black, it is a line of products with a professional degree specifically for professionals of detail. The Double Black Renny Doyle collection is an exceptional line of products that will allow your detail business to take it to the next level of quality results!
  • Buff BriteBuff Brite (1)
    Ever feel like you just need More LIGHT when your Polishing? That's what inspired the Buff Brite Flamethrower. Our founder has spent over 37 years in the polish industry since detailing at his cousins Chevy dealership at the age of 14. Way too many years later, all in the Auto reconditioning arena, he has a passion for the industry that gave him a desire to find a way to improve things for everyone in the detail field.In 2014 he was polishing a black 69 Camaro, that he was restoring, when an overhead florescent light in his shop flickered out. Laziness overcame him and he decided not to grab a ladder and replace it but to find another way to light the space. The closest thing to him was a cheap rechargeable work light so he tried to buff while holding it. That soon became an impossibility so he grabbed mans second best friend (duct tape) and attached the light to the head of the polisher. It looked quite ghetto but WOW did it solve the problem. From then the idea bounced around between his ears until we have what you see now.On its way to 2 Utility Patents Buff Brite has been through about 10 design revisions but now sports a heavy duty 5052 aluminum frame that adds nearly no weight to the polisher. It uses a military grade dampening boot that cradles any light source of your choice. Our best seller is a cool blue, warm kelvin, cross cut CRE LED Multifocused Rechargeable light that easily lasts all day and makes scratches and imperfections show like no other light can. It truly creates a buffing experience like no other. Its easy to get the paint blemish free when you can actually see what your surface really looks like. So make the move to a better polish in every way. Let BUFF brite light your way to a “Perfect Shine the FIRST Time” today.
  • Buff and ShineBuff and Shine (10)
    Since 1987, Buff and Shine Manufacturing takes a comprehensive approach to the world of buffing pad production and has an impeccable reputation for producing consistently high-quality products that are durable and highly functional across multiple surface perfection situations. The company prides itself on its responsiveness to the industry by constantly improving products based on user feedback and designing new products to keep up with industry trends.
  • MyteeMytee (9)
    For over 20 years, Mytee® has been providing professionals in the Automotive, Carpet Cleaning, and Facility Maintenance industries with the best quality products and the best customer service, at the lowest price possible. Made in California and backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry, every Mytee® product is built to exceed your expectations.Browse through our products and experience the Mytee® difference today.
  • Malco AutomotiveMalco Automotive (7)
    Since 1953, Malco Products has been providing professional car detailers, car washes, car dealerships and more with the powerful cleaning and detailing products and accessories they need to keep cars spotless and clean, inside and out. From all-purpose cleaners and degreasers to polishes, waxes and glazes, Malco Products’ full line of auto detailing products and supplies is “The Choice of the Pros.”
  • Grit GuardGrit Guard (4)
    Grit Guard, Inc. was started by Doug Lamb, the inventor of the Grit Guard® Insert, a product that fits in the bottom of any 3.5, 4, 5, 6, and 7 gallon bucket, and acts as a settling filter, to prevent dirt and grit from contaminating wash mitts and brushes while washing vehicles. Doug hated washing his red car, because it seemed like every time he washed it, it marred the paint, leaving unsightly swirl marks, scratches, and spider webbing in the vehicles bright red finish. Doug went to the drawing board, devising a prototype that fit in the bottom of a bucket, separating the grit and grime from the wash mitt. The idea of the Grit Guard was born.In 2006, Doug with his son, Chris, decided it was time to add a new product to the Grit Guard line, specifically a buffing pad washer. Since the Grit Guard® insert cleaned brushes, wash mitts, and microfiber applicators, why couldn't the Grit Guard® Insert clean buffing pads as well? Doug and Chris devised a spring-loaded integral support system that also pumps water into the underside of the buffing pads and would keep the Grit Guard® Insert close to the top of a 5 gallon bucket. Pads would be cleaned on the Grit Guard® Insert while being slightly submerged in water. This worked incredibly well, as buffing pads cleaned up in mere seconds! This surface could be used top clean all types of buffing pads, and since the cleaning action relied on the motion of the buffer, not the motion of the pad washer, it worked with all different types of buffers and polishers. The Universal Pad Washer was born.The pad washer was a product that was tested and used in the field countless times, resulting in many new improvements and ideas, such as the Grit Guard Extension, which acted like an orange juice squeezer, deeply penetrating the buffing pad. The Grit Guard Extension fits anywhere around the Grit Guard® Insert, allowing the user to target hard to clean areas of the pads, such as the edges or the center. It also fits into the splash guard lid, and is used to extract excess moisture from the buffing pad, so there is no need to dry the pads before putting them back to work.
  • IK SprayersIK Sprayers (4)
    Behind the IK brand there is an international group of people united by the passion to develop new ways of spraying, where our main objective is to make it easier for our users to work in applications in which the safety, robustness and performance of their tools are the key to a successful outcome.IK is a brand focused on the customer, on achievement, change, innovation and on the personal development of its participants. Our philosophy when designing new solutions seeks to understand the needs of users and capture the shortcomings of the market, in order to develop products that can better resolve their problems, make their work easier, and allow us to evolve. These products are manufactured using carefully selected materials that offer maximum resistance in order to meet the requirements of a professional tool.Our strategy is based on the continuous development of spraying solutions that provide a high added value and allow us to be closer to our users, strengthening our position in the global market.
  • The Rag CompanyThe Rag Company (10)
    The Rag Company works hard to not only provide the finest microfiber products at a great value, they also are looking to educate readers about what to look for in microfiber. They source towels from around the world with a variety of polyester/polyamide ratios to provide you with all the options and information so you can make an informed decision on what works best for you. They carry some shop towels at a great value but they are more known for taking tremendous pride in their wide selection of extremely high quality towels that last a long time. Even though that may mean some customers purchase fewer towels, since these high-quality towels last so long, the Rag Company is very okay with that. They want to only provide their customers with the best towels at the best price.
  • TornadorTornador (4)
    The Tornador Car Cleaning Gun and Tornador Air Foamer HP use the power of air to deep clean virtually any automotive surface. Only the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun works with your air compressor to create an oscillating blast of air that breaks up soil on contact, inside and outside the vehicle. The Tornador Air Foamer HP creates mounds of rich foam suds out of your favorite car shampoo by infusing the shampoo with air. You've never experienced a car wash like this!The Tornador cleaning tools are unlike any other detailing tools! Remove spots, stains, ground-in dirt, and spills with the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun. Lather the exterior with suds with the Tornador Air Foamer HP. If you're a car care professional or a true detailing perfectionist, you will love the super-charged cleaning power of the Tornador!
  • Detailer Helper BeltDetailer Helper Belt (1)
    My name is Kevin Davis, and I'm a former professional detailer and paint correction specialist from Montana.I developed The Patented Detailer's Helper Tool Belt after trying to find a detailing tool belt that would not only hold the stuff I needed to hold, but would also be paint friendly. I could find only one other belt on the market, and it was expensive, only held specific bottles, and much worse, it had plastic, metal, and hard nylon. That surprised me and freaked me out...there's NO WAY I'd put a belt near a car I'd just spent 12+ hours polishing.So, I developed my own! What I discovered was that I never realized just how much I needed this belt until I started using it. I am unable to detail with out it. It makes me faster, safer, and more efficient on every detail I do.
  • HydrosilexHydrosilex (6)
    HydroSilex Industries is a global company with a multinational team and branches all over the world. With over 25 years of experience in the chemical industry, our products are all developed and manufactured through extensive knowledge and a huge amount of passion to bring superior products that anyone can use!Qualitative accessible products that can be delivered anywhere and used by anyone is our vision. We stand by our promise of delivering what we say.
  • Xpel Protection FilmXpel Protection Film (2)
  • UM Distributors IncUM Distributors Inc (6)
    Products for Cleaning for Cars and Care.
  • Flex Power ToolsFlex Power Tools (7)
    Our success is based on innovation. That was the case in 1922, when we developed hand-controlled tools powered by stationary electric motors through flexible shafts. It did not change in 1954, when we launched the first high-speed angle grinder, the DL 9 - inventing “FLEXing” in the process.To make our angle grinders even more reliable, effective, and user-friendly, we continued to develop them. In 1997 we were the first electric power tool manufacturer to introduce the long-neck sander for ceilings and walls – the FLEX Giraffe® - and the latest Giraffe generation is now available.The WST 700 VV Vario-Giraffe®, with its telescopig function, interchangeable sanding heads, and perfect handling, sets new standards.And we are keeping up the pace. FLEX is putting all of its experience toward new "problem solvers" and niche products. Come and discover what we have to offer!