Scangrip Minimatch

Scangrip MiniMatch

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The SCANGRIP MiniMatch is strong with its basic functionality: a handheld light source that features 2 colors  warm and cold for use paints light and is especially useful for bright and dark colored surfaces. Scangrip MiniMatch is a rechargeable light with excellent color rendering properties to provide you with the perfect color match.

Scangrip MiniMatch is easy to carry in your pocket or work belt and comes with a built-in clip so you’ll always be ready for a quality check or for prepping your next project. Scangrip MiniMatch is designed with a two step operating option 100% or 50% light output. SCANGRIP MiniMatch has a flexible lamp head that tilts up to 180 degrees so you’ll always get the angle of light that you need.

SCANGRIP MiniMatch is durable, waterproof, IP65, and is designed with a solvent-resistant glass lens. SCANGRIP MiniMatch comes with a built-in battery indicator so that you’ll always know when it’s time to recharge.

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