Flex PE 8-4-80

Flex PE 8-4 80 Kompakt Rotary Polisher


The Flex PE8 Kompakt Rotary Polisher is one of the most innovative tools to hit the detail industry!

The Flex PE8-4 80 is a lightweight, rotary polisher that is great for fine detailing and for those small, hard to reach areas on cars, boats and motorcycles. Industry leaders have said this machine offers “precision buffing, surgical buffing”. This machine is designed for use with 3″ or smaller pads so you can polish those intricate, hard to reach areas. You can go as small as a 1″ pad and backing plate with this polisher.

The VR electronic control has stepless speed selection, tachogenerator controlled constant speed, overload protection, restart inhibit and temperature monitoring. It’s high-powered motor can handle extreme loads.

The spindle lock is positioned to prevent operating error and does not interfere with the grip area. It’s unique power switch allows the machine to be automatically turned off if dropped.

The FLEX PE8-4 80 Mini Rotary Polisher is a purpose built compact, lightweight machine designed to tackle small, tight and intricate body panels.

Manufactured in Germany, the Flex PE8 Rotary Polisher is a smooth, compact yet powerful mini rotary polisher which is extremely easy to use and perfect for those tighter areas. The size of this machine makes it the perfect choice for tackling tighter areas such as bumpers, a-pillars and curved panels. The smaller plate and pads also helps make it very easy to control.

All in all, the Flex PE8-4 80mm Rotary polisher is an excellent addition to any tool kit.



  • Max Pad Diamenter: 3″
  • Max Backing Plate Diameter: 3″
  • Speed without Load: 1300 – 3900 rpm
  • Power Input: 7.6 amp
  • Tool Fixture: M14
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in Germany.

NOTE: Backing Plate not included

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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