FLEX | VCE 44 AC 12 Gallon

FLEX | VCE 44 AC 12 Gallon HEPA Vacuum


The powerful VCE 44 L AC HEPA vacuum cleaner features a high-performance turbine that ensures high suction capacity. It is also capable of wet vacuuming and has an electronic liquid level control. Its HEPA grade filter makes this vacuum suitable to almost any conditions you could throw at it.

  •  Equipped with large wheels and two swivel guide rollers made of metal
  •  Separate motor air cooling duct with coarse dirt filter. Protects the turbine against the ingress of ambient air and thereby extends the service life.
  •  Simple filter change without removing the suction head
  •  With hose retainer and expander for easy, quick securing of the power cable
  •  With 4 clamping loops (2 on each side) for attaching straps and a giraffe holder
  •  The high-performance turbine ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum. The outcome is an excellent extraction result.
  •  Continuous automatic flat filter cleaning ensures no loss of suction
  •  The flat-fold filter with teflon coating / nanocoating allows optimum use of the tank volume
  •  The flow rate control via the rotary switch minimizes possible vacuums on the surface during intermediate and finish sanding
  •  Suitable for wet vacuuming: with electronic liquid level control
  •  Soft start stops any voltage peaks at the start and the run-on feature (15 sec. overrun) empties any remaining dust in the vacuum hose
  •  Double-walled sturdy container with integrated Grip recess for emptying the container easily
  •  Dust-protected anti-static finish prevents electric charging of the suction hose
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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 26 in


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