Koch Chemie hand wax W0.01

Koch Chemie hand wax W0.01


Premium wax sealer for a hydrophobic, high-gloss paint surface. Hand Wax W0.01 contains premium carnauba wax that seals and protects the treated surfaces for a long time. The sealing components create a smooth surface with very good hydrophobicity. The lacquer is clearly more brilliant and high-gloss. Hand Wax W0.01 only needs to be applied in a thin layer and is therefore very economical.

Areas of application

Painted surfaces and exterior plastic components on cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, etc.

Recommendation for use

Thoroughly pre-clean/wash the vehicle alkaline (e.g. with Green Star, no sealing shampoos) before polishing and sealing. For coarse soiling such as tree sap, rust film, tar, etc., pre-treat with cleaning clay, tar wash or similar.

Paint preparation for heavily to moderately weathered paintwork: Depending on the condition, machine the paint with grinding polish Heavy Cut (H9.01) or Fine Cut (F6.01). Remove all residues with a microfibre cloth.

To apply, press the sponge supplied lightly into the can and spread the wax evenly over the surface. Allow the wax to flash off and polish with a microfibre cloth. It is best to work in sections, e.g. complete the bonnet before moving on to the next component.

Washing the vehicle: To preserve the high-gloss wax surface in the long term, it should be washed carefully by hand so that it is not removed too quickly during cleaning. This should be done using plenty of water, soft washing tools and only soft drying cloths to gently dry the surface. Hard and aggressive washing utensils remove waxes more quickly and scratch the surface. If washing facilities are used, they should only be textile washing facilities.

Size: 1L

Download SDS: Koch-Chemie Hand Wax W0.01

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Weight 1 lbs
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