IK Multi Pro 12 + Sprayer - 2 Gal

IK Multi PRO 12 + Sprayer -2 Gallon


The IK Multi Pro 12+ Sprayer takes everything you love in your IK sprayer and adds a compressed air connector for more effortless foam! You still have the same easy to use pump at the top of the bottle, allowing you to pump up the pressure and disperse your favorite detailing chemical with the simple push of the thumb trigger on the lance handle. Hold the trigger and the product within the bottle will be dispersed until the pressure in the bottle has been completely released. You will save energy by reducing the number of trigger pulls and you can save valuable detailing time. However, the key difference in this unit from the standard Multi Pro 12 is the compressed air connector and an inlet valve located in the sprayer head. This allows you to push air into the tank thanks to the universal Schrader valve that can be used in combination with most air compressors. Fill the unit with air without having to pump and with much less effort than before!

Technical information

  • Easily dispense various detailing chemicals
  • Schrader valve works with various air compressors
  • Large 10L (8L useable) size
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Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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