Sonax Plastic Care


SONAX Plastic Care – the quick and universal solution for your complete car! For interior: cleans and maintains all plastic components (e.g. cockpit, door trim panels, center console, seat linings etc.). Its simple application quickly ensures gleaming, streak free surfaces and intensively freshens up colors. For exterior: rejuvenates, protects and preserves all unpainted plastic components (e.g. bumpers, styling strips, door handles etc.), it conceals fine scratches and dull spots. Perfect for the engine bay! Its the fast and easy solution to restore the shine and protect the plastic parts after cleaning. Simply spray and let dry – no need to wipe.

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Directions for use:
Shake before use. Release the sprayer lock by pressing the red button on the spray head. Spray product onto a SONAX Microfiber Care Pad and apply thickly to the area to be treated. If necessary, wipe with a clean cloth after application. For preserving the engine compartment, spray directly and evenly on the entire engine bay. Any remaining water will not disrupt the effectiveness if the product.

Please Note:
Do not use on: glass, paintwork, fabrics, radios, displays, operating elements on the vehicle, bicycle or motor bike seats.
When using around the airbags, follow car manufacturers instructions.
Do not use on hot surfaces.
Protect against freezing.

Product attributes:
Freshens up colors and removes scratches
Concentrated for gloss or dilute for matte finish

Product Size: 300ml (10.14 FL OZ)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in


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