Sonax Ultimate Cut 1L

SKU: 246300


Sonax Profiline Ultimate Cut is a fast cutting compound for polishing sanded or severely weathered painted, gel coat, and fiberglass surfaces. Odorless water-based formulation with low dusting and no silicone. Quickly removes P1000 or finer sanding marks from paint or gel coat.


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Direction for use:

Sand with P1000 or finer, then wipe clean

Apply a small amount of compound to each area, polish with Lambswool Pad at medium rotational speed while exerting low pressure, slightly tilting the machine if neccessary.

To increase gloss, polish with flat pad at no pressure.

Wipe clean with Sonax Ultrafine Microfiber Cloth

Use Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish or Sonax Profiline EX 04-06 for a hologram-free top finish.

Please Note: Do not allow the polishing area to overheat.  Regularly clean polishing pads.  To avoid cross contamination, never use different products on the same pad.

Protect against freezing.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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