P808 Protective Sealant 500ml

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P808 by RUPES provides durable protection for automotive exterior surfaces, lasting up to 6 months. The synthetic formula shields against most common environmental contamination. P808 also provides a boost to gloss leaving surfaces slick and shiny after application.








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RUPES P808 Protective Sealant is the easiest and fastest way to add substantial protection to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This streak-free formula applies effortlessly, creating a tough barrier on the surface that shields the surface against environmental contamination, ultraviolet radiation and moisture whilst imparting a brilliant shine and high reflectivity to the surface.

RUPES P808 Protective Sealant immediately goes to work upon application and buffs to a haze-free shine in just seconds. Advanced technology ensures that Protective Sealant cures almost immediately so your vehicle is ready to drive immeidately. This product works on top of waxes, sealants or paint coatings. It can even be applied to wet vehicles as a drying aid while you dry!  Simply mist the surface while still wet, after washing, and wipe dry with a microfiber towel to apply protection to your vehicles finish as you dry.