P&S Leather Treatment

P&S Leather Treatment

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The P&S Renny Doyle Double Black Leather Treatment is formulated and chosen by the famous Renny Doyle specifically for automotive interior detailing use. P&S Leather Treatment replenishes your leather’s moisturizer restoring it to its natural finish.
P&S Leather Treatment soaks into your leather infusing it with the necessary moisturizer it needs to stay looking and smelling like new. The pleasant leather fragrance leaves your interior smelling like it’s fresh off the showroom floor! Apply P&S Leather Treatment generously to a wax applicator pad and begin massaging into the solid portions of the leather seats. Use light pressure to condition leather that contains pores and if necessary buff entire surface with a clean microfiber towel.
P&S Leather Treatment is the perfect 2nd step after using P&S Xpress to clean your leather seats.








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