Scholl Concepts S20 BLACK - 1.32 Gallon

Scholl Concepts S20 BLACK - 1 Gallon

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The S20 Black is a visionary and unique 1-Step High Performance Compound covering a wide range of applications on all common paint systems. Detailing of weathered and scratched paint surfaces was never made that simple! Due to continuous further improvements of our iPT Powder Technology we were able to develop a polish that removes deep scratches and treats weathered surfaces quickly and effortlessly in only one step, regardless of the hardness of the clear coat system. Despite its tremendous cutting performance the superior, mirror-like gloss of the 1-Step Detailing Compound is remarkable. Even holograms and swirl marks on dark paint surfaces can be polished out easily.


  • Finishes to an incredibly gloss even on soft paints
  • Removes p2000-1500 grit defects
  • Saves time and steps
  • Won’t stick to paint even on hot surfaces
  • No dusting
  • Intelligent Powder Technology (iPT)
  • Free of wax, silicone, and toxic solvents
  • Body Shop Safe – Silicone and wax free


  • Made in Germany
  • 1-Gallon
  • Color: Purple
  • Cut: 5.5/8
  • Gloss: 7.5/8








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Using the correct S20 Black Polishing Pad, you will always achieve an excellent high-gloss finish in just one single step. Please refer to the application chart for details. The Real 1-Step Polish was designed for applications with rotary polishers. However, S20 Black can also be applied easily with a modern high-stroke dual action polisher.