SM Arnold Leather & Vinyl Cleaning Brush

SM Arnold Leather and Vinyl Interior Cleaning Brush

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The Leather & Vinyl Interior Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning and maintaining your interior automotive leather and vinyl. The iron style soft polyurethane handle is small and pliable which allows for an easy grip that maneuvers easily and prevents user fatigue. The cleaning side has non-abrasive, small microfiber, felt-like bristles that penetrate the grain of textured surface, pores of the leather, tight grooves, and seams, and gently cleans and protects the grain of leather keeping it soft and supple. This small interior detailing brush outperforms every other cleaning tool and makes perfecting your interior quick and easy!

To use the Leather & Vinyl Interior Cleaning Brush apply a cleaning product directly to the brush and apply very light pressure (jitterbug motion) to work it into the surface allowing dirt trapped in the pores to be released. Repeat applying a cleaning product to the brush until the area is clean.

Keep your leather looking new and clean with the Leather & Vinyl Interior Cleaning Brush!








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